Agents of Discovery is a digital education technology platform that features a web-based dashboard where educators can easily turn their educational content into augmented reality games using our cloud-based Library (full of ready-to-use images, sounds, and 3D AR objects) or using their own, customized materials. Learners can then access the ‘gamified’ content through the free Agents of Discovery app on a smartphone or tablet.

The majority of our clientele is based in the U.S., although we have various partners in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Some of our partners in these locations are the City of L.A., City of South San Francisco, City of Seattle, Brisbane City Council, Sunshine Coast Council, Christchurch City Council, and many others.

If you are interested in learning more about Agents of Discovery, please contact and we can chat further on how to help your organization.

View the 5-minute video to learn more about Agents of Discovery.

“This is an amazing development demonstrating how technology can enhance the learners’ experience in the classroom. We look forward to working with the Agents of Discovery team as they explore new opportunities in Southern Africa…” – SACANCHAM CEO, Mike Morgan.