Truly Sustainable Sourcing

BanQu’s advanced supply chain compliance software is the only true traceability solution that helps global brands, suppliers, traders, and manufacturers gain visibility and control of the remote, hidden parts of their supply chain. Only BanQu maintains unaggregated source data along the entire chain of custody, from the plot of land to the end product and every step in between.

Our superior blockchain-based platform is your one-stop shop for all your traceability and ESG reporting needs! With real-time, verifiable data from the source, companies can track carbon offsets, gain end-to-end visibility, strengthen resilience, prove sustainability, and achieve audit-proof compliance.

BanQu is the most experienced true traceability solution available today, with a full spectrum of solutions for agriculture, fashion, recycling, climate, and compliance worldwide. We specialize in meeting industry-specific traceability needs for food & beverage, apparel & textile, health & beauty, recycling & packaging, reforestation & conservation, and mining & manufacturing industries.

Experience truly sustainable sourcing, with BanQu!