Primestars is an 18 year young company that touches the lives of 90 000 learners a year. We specialize in facilitating Youth Development programmes for high school learners from under-resourced, underserved communities. Our mandate is to create and implement innovative programmes that educate and empower young people to be able to become economically active in the labour or entrepreneurship sectors post-school. In so doing, we develop competitive talent to contribute to SA’s future economic growth.

We utilize an “Educational Theatre of Learning” model to enhance the educational process, particularly for disadvantaged youth in South Africa. Films and TV shows are an integral part of any learner’s life and therefore introducing short films into the curriculum creates an entertaining and enjoyable way to process and retain information. We run Youth Development Programmes nationwide.

We create Public, Private Partnerships and collaborate with companies, organizations and universities.  Over the years our programmes have been widely endorsed and have won numerous local and international awards.

Says SACANCHAM CEO, Mike Morgan ,“Primestars serves as a social impact catalyst, redefining the way education is taught and more importantly, making a marked difference in our country where it matters most. For this, I commend them highly.”

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