Miriam is a strategist, economist, business person and social activist, and has served in leadership roles driving significant transformation. Her professional life has focused on framing and executing scalable high impact solutions to economic development challenges.

Currently, she is a Commissioner in the National Planning Commission in the South African Presidency, a Director of strategy consultancy Altman Advisory, and a Professor of 4IR Practice at the University of Johannesburg. Miriam convenes a group of leading policy economists to work on Covid-19 responses, whose work is available at www.covid19economicideas.org . She was responsible for crafting and orchestrating the turnaround at Telkom, a $3 billion telecommunications company, as Head of Strategy and continues to be deeply engaged in digital transformation. For many years, she has convened top leaders for productive engagement, not least on how to solve for the biggest economic challenges.  Her writing and events can be found at www.miriamaltman.com