As the world reconciles with the notion of sustainable development and the emergent concepts of ESG and positive impact, the way business is performed is evolving drastically, driven by society, regulators and customers. Responsible business is rapidly progressing from a competitive advantage to an essential practice.

In response, Kongiwe offers an agile, highly experienced advisory service that prioritises contextual, practical and commercially applicable solutions, whilst maintaining the highest level of scientific and professional rigour.

Given the strategic profile of sustainability management, Kongiwe provides client-centric services that are decision enabling, focused on risks and opportunities present in environmental and social issues and consider the commercial realities facing our clients. We do this through an integrated approach and our appreciation of the contextual challenges of doing business in the emerging markets.

Our services are practical, integrated, contextual and commercially applicable. Our clients receive high quality data, presented in a format that supports business processes and decision making.