Schindlers Forensics is part of the broader Schindlers Innovations Group, providing a wide range of commercial expertise and offering forensic investigations as well as other services ranging from due diligence to fraud and corruption risk management, with a view to ensuring that our clients are equipped to identify, prevent and address unscrupulous practices.

Schindlers Forensics’ Employment Law practice forms a significant part of the business, as the aftermath of forensic investigations often involve disciplinary proceedings.

Operating as BBBEE Level 2 with 51% Black ownership, Schindlers Forensics emphasises technology in offering solutions in respect of, inter alia:

  • Employment Law
  • Anti-bribery & Money laundering processes;
  • Fraud & Risk management;
  • Forensic Technology;
  • Matrimonial Forensics:
  • Due Diligence;
  • Eco Forensics

Schindlers Eco Forensics is a sector within Schindlers Forensics. SF’s policy is to give back to the community via this sector.

Aimed at environmental justice and sustainability, Schindlers Eco Forensics has taken on a number of projects, including the combatting of Canadian firm ReconAfrica’s drilling operations in Namibia’s Kavango Basin. This project has gained traction in the both the Namibian and Canadian Press, and is a core project of Eco Forensics. The members of this team have been quoted in international media, and have also appeared on Carte Blanche for an interview on SLAPP suits in South Africa.